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Monday, July 15, 2013

Roundup of CWS–Urad Dal

Urad Dal or Ulutham Parupu is a very delicious and healthy ingredient and it is also very versatile. Here is a delicious roundup of dishes that have this yummy dal in it. Thanks to all who sent their delicious to my CWS – Urad Dal event and thanks to Priya for letting me host her event.

1. Raw Mango Pulao                22. Pooshanikkai Mor Kootu

2. Black urad dal medhu vada  23. Idli

3. Tiffin Sambhar/Idli Sambhar  24. Milagai Podi

4. Green moong dal & spinach idli  25. Carrot Onion Veg

5. Dahi Wada                               26. Mysore Bonda

6. Lauki ka sukha besan              27. Paavaikkai Podi

7. Rava Idli                                   28. Parangikkai Kootu

8. Kuzhi paniyaram                      29. 3 parupu kootu

9. Urad dal bonda                        30. Munthiri Maamudi (peerkangai gravy dish)

10. Onion Bonda                          31. Kathirikkai Kootu

11. Watermelon & Black Urad Dal kootu  32. Suyyan

12. Mixed Veggies & Black Urad Dal Medhu Vada  33. Mysore Bonda

13. Suiyyam                                 34. Sweet Urad Dal Vada

14. Dal Makhani                           35. Dahi Phulki

15. Chettinad Kuzhi Paniyarams 36. Chettinad Aloo

16. Urad Dal Puris                        37. Quick Onion Vadas

17. Daangar Pachadi                    38. Urad Daal (Dry) ~~ Black Gram Dry Lentil

18. Brown Rice Dhokla                 39. Foxtail Millet Dals Dumpling

19. Karuvepillai Kuzhambu           40. Black urad dal dosa

20. Thengai Thuvayal (Coconut Thuvayal) 41. Bittergourd Urad Dal Pappu

21. Medu Vadai

Thanks again to all who sent their delicious entries and please send more delicious entries to the events happening on my blog currently -

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