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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Roundup of Cooking With Whole Foods – Whole Wheat Flour

Hi All,
I am so happy to have received so many entries - 72 lovely entries for my guest host event “Cooking With Whole Foods – Whole Wheat Flour”. Thanks all for your lovely entries and thanks to Kiran for giving me this opportunity. Here is a yummy and healthy roundup with Whole Wheat Flour. I hope I have included everybody, please let me know if I have missed anyone!! Click on the recipe picture to take you to the delicious recipe and the blog. Eggless Nutrituous Gingersnaps    Savory Oats Muffins            Mitho Chillo
1 - Eggless Nutrituous Gingersnaps                            2 - Savory Oats Muffins               3 - Mitho Chillo
Sindhi Koki           Almond and Cranberry Whole Meal Bread   Kesaria Paratha
4 - Sindhi Koki                5 - Almond and Cranberry Whole meal Bread                          6 - Kesaria Paratha
Veg Wheat Pizza          Oilless Radhish Paratha     Banana Wheat Bread

 7 - Veg Wheat Pizza               8 - Oilless Radhish Paratha                9 - Banana Wheat Bread Avocado Paratha    Soft Chappathi with chickpeas curry       Wheat kulipaniyaram
10 - Avocado Paratha                  11 - Soft Chappathi with chickpeas curry                                    12 - Wheat kulipaniyaram
Dates Paratha                 Dou Miao/Pea shoots Paratha     Wheat Diamond cuts
13 - Dates Paratha                      14 - Pea shoots Paratha                            17 - Wheat Diamond cuts
Eggless Pumpkin Cupcakes with butter cream frosting            onion samosa
15 - Eggless Pumpkin Cupcakes with butter cream frosting                                                                       20 - Onion samosa
Chocolate fudge cake with caramel sauce    Paneer Paratha   Methi Parantha
18 - Chocolate fudge cake with caramel sauce                                                  19 - Paneer Paratha   21 - Methi Parantha
Eggless Wholewheat Pancakes  Whole wheat Puri    Paratha Veggie Medley
22 - Eggless Wholewheat Pancakes with Pistachio and Honey                                    23 - Whole wheat Puri               24 - Paratha Veggie Medley
Orange Oliveoil Eggless Cake   Wheat Flour Chakli     Wheat Flour Laddu
25 - Orange Oliveoil Eggless Cake                          25 - Wheat Flour Chakli                     26 - Wheat Flour Laddu
Godumai Halwa                Galagala / Wheat snacks    Aloo Mint Paratha
28 - Godumai Halwa                        29 - Galagala          30 - Aloo Mint Paratha
Spicy Wheat Pancakes    Crispy Masala Poori     Wheat puttu
31 - Spicy Wheat Pancakes                   33 - Crispy Masala Poori                  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Whole Wheat Bread   Malibu Pineapple Muffins   Baked Donuts
               IMG_0746[1]                       37 - Baked Donut Fiesta  
Whole Wheat Puran Poli    Rotlo                        Wholewheat Choco Walnut Muffins
38 - Whole Wheat Puran Poli                              38 - Rotlo                 39 - Wholewheat and Finger millet muffins
WholeWheat spinach Adai    Wheat Dosa       Whole Wheat Savory Crescent Rolls
41 - WholeWheat spinach Adai                      42 - Wheat Dosa                      42 - Whole Wheat Savory Crescent Rolls
Wheat Paratha          Wheat Methi Khakra     Atta Corn Kuzipaniyaram
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               44 - Wheat Methi Khakra                45 - Atta Corn Kuzipaniyaram
Gujarathi puri with Ajwain    Carrot Corn ,Atta Gujiya             Chapathi
46 - Gujarathi puri with Ajwain                          47 - Carrot Corn Atta Gujiya                                
orange blueberry muffins     Banana Wheat cookies        Onion Stuffed Paratha
 49 - Orange Blueberry muffin                            50 - Banana Wheat cookies                           51 - Onion Stuffed Paratha
Wheat Halwa  Sugar Free Whole wheat walnut cookies  Wholemeal Walnut Bread
52 - Wheat Halwa                       53 - Sugar Free Whole wheat walnut cookies                         54 - Wholemeal Walnut Bread
Eggless Banana Bread     Banana Wheat Muffins     Jaggery Cardamom Cake
55 - Eggless Banana Bread                     56 - Banana Wheat Muffins              57 - Jaggery Cardamom Cake
Choco cashew cookies  Savory crescent cookies   Eggless chocolate chip cookies
58 - Choco cashew cookies        59 - Savoary crescent cookies            60 - Eggless chocolate chip cookies
Lacha paratha    Vegan whole wheat banana pancake  Chinese Cabbage Wontons
61 - Lacha paratha                62 - Vegan whole wheat banana pancake                              63 - Chinese Cabbage Wontons
Multigrain Bread         spring onion paratha     Lacha Paratha    Wheat Dosa
63 - Multigrain Bread             65 - spring onion paratha         66 - Lacha Paratha      72 - Wheat Dosa
Home made Whole Wheat Bread    Chinese Spring Roll      whole-wheat-cookies
68 - Home made Whole Wheat Bread                                            69 - Chinese Spring Roll            69 - whole-wheat-cookies
Wheat appam             Besan, Atta dosa       Oats and Coconut cookies
71 - Wheat appam        72 - Besan, Atta dosa with Tomato Chutney              67 - Oats and Coconut cookies
Thanks all again for your participation and delicious recipes!!!


  1. yummy collection and nice round up

  2. Wonderful collection of recipes...nice roundup dear.

  3. it was a great event and also a great opportunity to meet other fellow bloggers :)

  4. Nice round up dear..Yummy collections..

  5. Sowmya, what a great roundup! Nice job.

  6. wow what a fantastic, healthy round-up with whole some collection.. awesome

  7. Nice round up Sowmya n thks for posting my entries :-)


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