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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Roundup of VFAM - Onions

Here is a yummy roundup of the VFAM - Onions.. Thanks to all who sent their delicious entries and thanks to Priya who is the brain behind the VFAM series.. Click on the recipe name to go to the yummy recipe.. Let me know if I have missed any by mistake..

1. Onion Pakoda  21. Sodhi and Puli Inji 
2. Kadugu chutney  22. ToNak Pav 
3. Methi Paneer Rajma Curry  23. Tea Kadai Masala Vadai 
4. Bread Upuma  24. Ennai Kathrikai Kuzhambu/Spicy Brinjal curry 
5. Vegetable Fried Rice  25. Potato Peanut Chaat 
6. Soy-glazed Renkon Chips  26. Poori Bajji - Kerala Restaurant Style 
7. Bread tikki  27. Chole Samosa chat 
8. Corn Tomato Bhartha  28. onion stir fry 
9. Jhunka Vadi  29. onion mango chutney 
10. Upma Sandwich  30. Garden Vegetable Wrap 
11. Baked Vegetable Taquitos  31. Rajma Chawal 
12. Hot n Sour Vegetable Soup  32. Mulligatawny Soup 
13. Aval /Beatan Rice / Rice Flakes Upma  33. Sodhi Inji Puli 
14. Yellow Thai curry with mock duck  34. onion and spinach soup 
15. Matar Paneer  35. Savory Ragi Adai 
16. Black Chickpease Mint Pulao / Pilaf  36. Savory Kugelhopf 
17. Paneer Stuffed Beetroot Paratha  37. onion sambar (with coconut - Kerala style) 
18. Tofu and vegetable munchrian  38. Waffle Pizza 
19. Salsa verde with homemade chips  39. spinach and sun dried tomatoes quinoa 
20. Spicy navaratan kurma  40. Crispy Onion Rings 
Thanks again to all who sent their delicious entries and please send more delicious entries to the events happening on my blog currently -
Healthy Diet–Lunchbox Recipes
SIC–South Indian Cooking
Foodabulous–Krishna Jayanthi, Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan

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