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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Masala Peanuts–Microwave Version

I have made the Masala Peanuts in oven and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Today's recipe is from Nalini's blog which is made in the Microwave oven. We loved this version of the Masala Peanuts also.. Try this and you will know what I am talking about... You could add the spice powders according to taste and preference



Groundnut / Peanuts - 1 cup
Kadalai Maavu / Gram Flour / Besan - 4 table spoons
Rice Floor - 2 table spoons
Red Chili Powder - 1 tea spoon
Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 tea spoon
Asafetida - 1/8 tea spoon
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tea spoon
Salt - 1/2 tea spoon
Oil - 2 table spoons


Soak the peanuts in water for 5 - 10 minutes
In another bowl, mix all the dry ingredients and set aside
Drain the water from the peanuts completely and sprinkle the dry ingredients
Toss it to coat evenly.
Grease a microwave safe plate with a tea spoon of oil
Spread the peanuts in a single layer on the plate and drizzle the oil
Microwave on high till it becomes crispy in 2 minute intervals.
Every 2 minutes take the plate from the oven, mix the peanuts and keep it back
It takes about 6 - 8 minutes
Allow it to cool and store it in an air tight container and enjoy!!!



  1. Ah I love this snack and make it in all the three versions!..

  2. My weakness, prefect snack to munch if you crave for something nutty.

  3. So yummy. Love this microwave version because it is so quick and easy.

  4. Love this version. Will give it a try soon. yummm

  5. I feel it is quicker in microwave and hassle of preheating the oven.

  6. Nice snack that is ready in minutes. Like your presentation.

  7. Thanks for trying it.. such a quick and addictive snack...

  8. It is definitely quicker and have to try it soon.

  9. Crunchy peanuts!! so addicitve version!! yum

  10. good one Sowmya - I think you had an OTG version also.. I tried that recipe for a smaller quantity, somehow it hardened rather than get crispy.. this looks simpler...

  11. They look so nice Sowmya. Looks so much like the fried ones...


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